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IWA Establishes Islamic Fiction as a Sub-Category of Adult and Juvenile Fiction

In 2005 and 2006 the Islamic Writers Alliance (IWA), a professional Muslim organization based in the USA with an International membership, took on the work of defining *Islamic fiction and determining the criteria to establish it as a fiction sub-category of Adult and Juvenile fiction. The membership then began the process of identifying published Islamic fiction books that were at that time described as Muslim authored books or children’s books in the Muslim book industry. The founder of IWA, Linda D. Delgado, created the Islamic Fiction Books website www.islamicfictionbooks.com to list published Islamic fiction books including author names, book titles and when known the locations where the books can be located.

The Islamic Fiction Books web site provides the criteria and definition for Islamic fiction and includes information related to this sub-category of fiction. The web site includes statements from readers of Islamic fiction also. To learn more about the history of English language Islamic fiction be sure to read the information on the web site’s The Muslim Publishing Industry: An Overview and Historical Background of Islamic Fiction pages. For a greater understanding of how books are classified and why read the web site’s Classifying Islamic Fiction page.

The Muslim publishing industry has made no attempt to include Fiction as literature in its classification of books written by Muslims. This is the reason the IWA organization and Muslim Writers Publishing business decided it was important to develop, define, and promote Islamic fiction for Muslim readers and especially for Muslim students in Pre K through 12th grades.

Not all Islamic Fiction books written and published are included on this site as some Muslim fiction writers are unaware of the work being done to classify Islamic fiction books written by Muslims.

Fiction Main Category:  Adult Fiction or Juvenile Fiction
Fiction Sub-Category: Islamic Fiction or Fiction
Genre Classification: There are many genre descriptions that can be used to help describe the type of fiction story. See the Classifying Islamic Fiction page.

The goal of the IWA organization and Muslim Writers Publishing is to gain acceptance of Islamic Fiction and Fiction literature by the Muslim book industry and gain approval from the BISAC Committee for establishing a BISAC sub-category fiction code of Islamic fiction.

To learn more about the IWA organization visit: www.islamicwritersalliance.net
To learn more about Muslim Writers Publishing and its owner, Islamic Fiction author Linda D. Delgado visit www.MuslimWritersPublishing.com  

*The content on this website is primarily about English language Islamic Fiction.


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